Monaco In A Week

Day 1: Monaco Unveiled

  • Morning: Arrive in the lap of luxury. Settle into a plush hotel where elegance meets the sea. Begin your day with a gourmet breakfast, overlooking the azure Mediterranean.
  • Afternoon: Stroll through the opulent streets of Monte Carlo. Marvel at the grandeur of the Monte Carlo Casino, a symbol of sophistication.
  • Evening: Savor an exquisite dinner at a high-end restaurant, where fine dining meets art.

Day 2: Royal Splendor and Historic Charm

  • Morning: Visit the majestic Prince's Palace. Immerse yourself in a royal spectacle with the changing of the guard.
  • Afternoon: Wander through the charming old town of Monaco-Ville. Discover hidden gems and the historic Saint Nicholas Cathedral.
  • Evening: Relax at a chic café in Port Hercules, watching the sunset over luxury yachts.

Day 3: Cultural Immersion

  • Morning: Explore the renowned Oceanographic Museum, a treasure trove of marine elegance.
  • Afternoon: Choose between a tour of the grand Monte Carlo Opera House or the avant-garde National Museum.
  • Evening: Experience Monaco's exclusive nightlife – from upscale clubs to sophisticated bars.

Day 4: Eze – A Jewel Nearby

  • Full Day: Journey to the enchanting village of Eze. Revel in its medieval allure and panoramic views. Visit the Fragonard perfume factory, a sensorial delight.

Day 5: Seaside Luxury

  • Morning: Indulge in water sports with a touch of luxury – yacht sailing or jet skiing.
  • Afternoon: Lounge at the pristine Larvotto Beach or meander through the lush Exotic Garden.
  • Evening: A glamorous night at the Monte Carlo Casino or a prestigious show at the Grimaldi Forum.

Day 6: Indulgent Shopping and Relaxation

  • Daytime: Embark on a shopping spree at Monte Carlo's designer boutiques and the opulent Metropole Shopping Center.
  • Evening: Unwind at the lavish Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo spa, a sanctuary of wellness.

Day 7: Farewell in Style

  • Morning: Relish a leisurely breakfast with breathtaking views, savoring the final moments.
  • Afternoon: Reflect on a week of luxury and memories as you prepare for departure.